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Hypoxia and You

Forestry Music Video

Prepared By: Courtney Dawald, Courtney Swanson, and Whitney Weisser

This blog is brought to you by the MSUM Ecological Perspective class. We are here to inform you about the 2012 Farm Bill while emphasizing on the forestry title. Now to put things into perspective it is important to us that we present to you all the facts and information that could possibly help us all understand what needs to be done.

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Farm Bill Conservation Poster

In 2012 the Farm Bill is up for review. Whether we realize it or not the Farm Bill affects each of us every day. It regulates what ends up on our dinner plates, the cost of proper nutrition, and what our natural landscapes will look like when we look out our windows in the future.

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Biofuels in the Farm Bill, Energy Sector 2012

By Dylan O’Brien, Sean Bevans, and Chitrasen Parbhunath

Our group focused upon the “energy” portion of the farm bill. Instead of addressing each individual aspect of the energy subsection, we decided to emphasize biofuels, because of the relative wealth of research on the topic, as well as the number of programs in the energy budget relating to biofuels.

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What’s the deal with subsidies?


Welcome to our farming subsidies blog!  We realize this whole subsidy business can be complicated. Most people don’t even bother learning the subsidy process because, what effect can it possibly have on you if you are not a farmer? Well, farm subsidies affect food prices, and the health of our overall economy too!  Hopefully our blog will help give you a basic understanding of the subsidy process.

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